Electronic Photo Cell

EPC-1 Circuit board and display

Ready to take control of your lighting system?

Geeky Engineer Shows You How ... He Thwarted Mother Nature With This Money Saver!


* Isn't fooled by clouds, shadows, or dirt build-up - it's zero maintenance

* Can't be taken by critters as food - you mount it indoors

* Is small and lightweight - great for tight spaces and mobile applications

* Is cheap to operate - less than $10 per year

* Is tested to always work - GUARANTEED

* Is easy to set up - like a two button wrist watch

* Works on ANY lighting system - new or existing

* Is built to last - comes with a 20 year warranty!

Pricing starts at $399.99 each.

See the article on this amazing device as published in the June 2013 Nuts and Volts Magazine here.

Lighting Control Panel Cut sheet

EPC-2 Lighting Controller

This controller uses an astrometric clock program which eliminates photocells, conduit, wiring, its hole in the wall, and subsequent maintenance. At higher latitudes, the controller can also detect 24 hour periods of light and darkness so there is no erroneous operation there as well. The controller also offers optional Smart phone monitoring and control from anywhere on you local area network so that you can save time by not having to check in the utility room when you need to check on the system

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